Friday, November 4, 2011


The first week of NaNoWriMo is almost over! As of typing this post (late Thursday evening) I am sitting at about 7200 words, so I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing so far. Plus I get to see my writer's group on Saturday for several hours, during which we are determined to do multiple word blitzes, talk about our current projects, dream big dreams, eat tons of food, and indulge in more than the FDA-recommended allowance of maniacal laughter and world domination plans.

So.....a typical writer's meeting. Yeah.

I hope all of you fellow writers are having equal success (or better) with your manuscripts, and that you have a regional NaNo meeting, or a local writer's group or something, that you can tap into to sharpen your focus and add to your word count. If you don't, you should check out some of the wonderful NaNoConfederates who live online. The following blogs are run by people who are actively participating in NaNoWriMo and whose websites I found intriguing, with lots of stuff to read and think over and cull through. Some of them are published authors, some of them are "not yets" like me; but they are all worth a closer look:

Write Me Happy                       The Daily Dose                          Lawrence Pearce                   
Liz Holbert                                Jason Runnels                          The Wild Pomegranate   
The Four Part Land                  Musings from the Slush Pile      Fly Casual

Like what you saw? Great. Want to find more blogging and writing greatness from WriMos across the web? Then go visit the hub of all the amazing NaNoNetworking at Lyn Midnight's site WriMosFTW! You'll find all manner of fellow WriMos networking there, plus a wealth of NaNo-centric information, writing tips and contests.

Now go add to your word count!! The month is still young....

But before you go, tell me - how are YOU doing with your NaNoWriMo endeavors?


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love to read how other Wrimos are doing!!

    On my way to the end of the week : 5511 words.

    With great respect! A.

  2. Me too!! I'm amazed to see what a tremendous network is out there, and such talented, amazing people who aren't above giving a nobody like me the time of day. Especially when interconnected with Twitter, it's quite a literary neighborhood!

  3. Heck yeah! You do great work!! Write on, girlie!