Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writer Comforts

With NaNoWriMo only four days away, I am hearing more and more of my NaNo buddies "stocking up" on goodies and supplies to see them through their writing blitzes.  I must admit, I had not given a thought to what sort of "treats" I ought to keep on hand to reward myself during the thirty days of literary madness. My quirk is that I have so many jobs, and such a broad taste in food, that anything would make a great snack for me. So long as I have the luxury of sitting still in one chair the entire time and not being interrupted by anything - I count that as a real treat, especially if that "sitting still time" can be Writing Time.

What I do like, though, is a special drink. Hot chocolate, chai, lattes, hot tea, cider, ginger-beer --- put a cup of something perky in my hand (preferably hot, and non-alcoholic), and I am a happy gal.

My list of "NaNo Goodies" began in the back of my head just this morning while working with a trio of homeschooled siblings. The ten year old has a lovely habit of putting a kettle on to boil about eleven o'clock, and treating all the hard workers to a pot of hot tea right as they're getting to the really tangled parts of their lessons. Today, however, she pulled out the Russian Spice mix that her mother had made and stored in an old mason jar. A couple scoops into each cup, a generous libation of hot water over each, and voila - I was handed heaven in a cup.

Russian Spice Tea

Russian Spice Tea is a seasonal favorite as the days grow dark and the temperatures drop and - as my young pupil so rightly determined - now is the perfect time of year to pull it out. It's easy to make, the ingredients are not difficult or expensive, and keeps indefinitely in a sealed container. It's a bold, warming citrus tea that is just the balm to soothe a writer's soul. There are many recipes out there (just ask Google!), but an easy one that does the trick can be found right here.

But if the citrus-y savor of Russian Spice Tea isn't your style, then you're probably on the sweet and creamy end of things; in which case you'll want a totally different set of recipes.


Cocoa and Chai Lattes: My friend, fellow writer and co-blogger Amanda over at Fly Casual put up a timely post about two weeks ago, showcasing a couple of her own homemade hot drink mixes. Check out her recommendations here for a couple of great, simple recipes for a one-cup cocoa concoction, as well as one AMAZING chai latte mix. (And great writerly insights to read while you're sipping your cup of heaven!)

I have plenty of cocoa mix here at the house, but I have every intention of putting together some chai latte mix this weekend. Or the Russian Tea. Hmmmmm. With November  almost here....I better stock up on both, just to be on the safe side. :-)

What about my blogging friends? What's your "comfort cup" 
when settling into a long evening of creativity?

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