Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tweaks, Tributes, and the LGW

This update comes a little early, since tomorrow will be a bit off-script in terms of schedule. I will post a full, formal blog entry on Friday, but in the meantime, here's a smattering of Polaroids from my world:

1. RIP Steve Jobs. I had no idea (well, I guess no one did) that he was so very sick when he stepped down as CEO of Apple six weeks ago. His age, his legacy, and the suddenness of his death remind me strongly of when Jim Henson passed away in May 1990. Two startling geniuses, dead at the peak of their career. What a way to bow out from center stage.

2. You may notice that the color scheme/layout of the blog has been somewhat tweaked. (You may notice the changes later if you're looking at it over your cell phone.) I am still gradually working this site into a format I can use to really establish a platform for my book, but I am also very well aware that it won't happen overnight. I'll try not to make drastic changes that annoy everyone, but even so - bear with me.

3. Finally - just for fun: Since I still have Steampunk Week on the brain, allow me to suggest a look at the marvelous Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. I always knew the Mad Hatter was the actual hero of the story.....


  1. I like the blue! (I was actually going to suggest either blue or green, but then I thought that was probably just me being biased. I like blue and green.) :D

  2. o good!! i think it fits better with where i'm headed...and blue suits my personal tastes, as well. now to figure out a way to finagle the rest of my formatting quirks...

  3. frank beddors is an excellent read. Jesse always has the next book on preorder as soon as a release date is set. there's also a graphic novel version based mainly on the hatter.