Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday 7: Ready to Fight

Sunday is when I showcase my own little spin on the "Six Sentence Sunday" challenge that has gained such popularity on the web. I've got my own reasons for not participating on the official blog, so I'm posting seven sentences from my current, newly merged-and-trimmed manuscript, renamed Taproot.

Here are today's sentences:

With a sudden lurch, Ahmik sprang upward, his good leg planted firmly in the dense grass. In the same motion he threw a protective arm around Brenna, grasping her opposite shoulder.
Brenna was ready. She threw her weight into a wide-legged stance, grounding herself against the full weight of Ahmik’s body. She felt the twisted claw of his dead right arm at her back. His left arm stretched protectively across her chest and grasping her right shoulder. So standing, he looked like he was poised to fight, though they both knew that it was Brenna who held him up. 

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