Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Excellent Thursday

This day keeps getting better and better.

Aside from a few unexpected blessings and boons during the usual work day, I looked on my iPhone shortly after lunch to check Twitter updates, and found that the fabulous fairies behind the Once Upon a Time writing contest - which closed just this past Sunday night - had decided to do something completely amazing.

Apparently they were so enamored by all the wonderful entries that they have undertaken the extra step of publishing an anthology of all 88 Unexpected Fairy Tales.

They didn't have to do this, mind you - this was NOT part of the original promised prize package, or option to any of the entrants. Out of their own goodwill and love for writers and writing, they put this together for those who had gone out on a limb with their writing and put it out there for all to see.

I tell ya, my mind was numb when I read that. Had to read the article twice, over my nice-but-still-kinda-small iPhone screen, for it to really sink in.

The added plus is that two of my students are also included in the anthology, as is another good friend and soon-to-be-published-author-in-her-own-right, Amanda McCrina. That's four writing gals from this one corner of ye olde Georgia - that deserves a little golden star of its own, I think. Or maybe not. Doesn't matter. I'm proud.

And so grateful. Thanks so much to the fantabulous Anna Meade and Susi Holliday for hosting such a wonderful flash fiction contest!

Oh, and congratulations to the sweet-posing-as-devious Corey Eadson for winning the fan favorite vote last night for his entry "Three Simple Words."

And the overall winners for the contest? We'll find out who they are later this month. Details of that happy day can be found here.

Want a preview of all the wonderful entries? Take a look here.

Did you participate in the contest? Do you have a favorite entry?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Yes, I did enter and I'm still blown away by the amazing dedication and generosity of the Faerie Queens who organised and ran this competition.

    "Bought the Tshirt" - no literally, and am buying another one for my partner. It will draw attention to the anthology which I will go around clutching for months.

    It's trite to say but I mean it sincerely - the quality of the submissions was so high that I had a terrible time choosing only 3 to vote for.

    The anthology was an unexpected bonus. To be honest just being in such company was great and if I do get an "edit" of my WIP (which has been asked for after tweaking by a publisher) well that will make my year.

    Oh yes, a fantastic Thursday for me too.

    1. I'll be clutching my copy along with you! And showing my story to people on my Kindle....this is so amazing. Huzzah for fantastic Thursdays!

  2. There are no words to describe the utter happiness of yesterday. :)

  3. someone pinch me - it is real isn't it? Feels like a real unexpected fairytale to me.
    Must confess I never had time to read all 88 entries but the ones I read were sooooo good - loved Cooper and the Death Cat BTW and like so many others I want to know what happens next - you have to write a sequel!
    Looking forward now to savouring them all reading them from a proper book!

    1. My students and I were saying the same thing - this was the best possible unexpected fairy tale ending to such a wonderful contest!!

      And thanks for the kind comments about my story! I'm definitely playing with the idea of making it longer and more textured, though I have a couple current projects I need to tie off first. Don't want to spread myself too thin....but yes. Cooper and Beulah Judson definitely have a LOT more life in them (no pun intended). :)

  4. I agree! Very exciting, generous, amazing.

    1. Absolutely. It's like Christmas for all of us! :)