Friday, November 18, 2011

Road Trippin'

By the time most of my wonderful internet friends read this, I will be crammed into a van with chaperones and students aplenty, on a road somewhere between Here and There, on our big Road Trip 2011. This means that for the next few days I'll be beyond reach of a computer, though I'll still be able to read everyone's witticisms from afar, thanks to smartphone cellular technology.

But I'll be minding the kiddos, so I won't be able to reply until after I get back. So if I don't get to your comment, email, or Tweet right away --- it's because I'm being a responsible teacher person and introducing my students to all kinds of real-time history stuff. But rest assured I'll be burning up the keyboard later with replies when I return.

Meanwhile, here are some more awesome writers whose blogs should not be overlooked:

J N Khoury                                            Kathi Macias                                         Catherine McKenzie
Montgomery Granger                             Jenny Adams                                         Lindsey Archer
John Hansen                                          Gareth Young                                        Mark Landen

Enjoy!! --- and above all, keep on writing!!!

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