Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anonymous Legacy is moving!!

Anonymous Legacy is getting a new home!

In fact, it's already moved.

With manuscript edits in hand and an increased need to show a more professional face, I have decided to start a new Wordpress account - with all of the VisDare challenges, plus more writerly blogging (such as the Love Your Editor series I've recently begun).

I also have had increasing issues with Blogger, including: loss of private content; losing all blog comments every time I change templates; notifications not going out via email to blog followers; and so on.

It's time to change that. Change your bookmarks to:

DON'T FORGET to put the number "1" after the anonymouslegacy moniker. Very important!

VisDares will begin at the new website on January 22nd. I expect to see you all there!

yours truly,


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