Wednesday, April 17, 2013

VisDare 16: Vacant

After last week's ghosty theme, I automatically scheduled this photo, for all my add-on storytellers to use.

Monday's events in Boston, however - coupled with a local police chase here that unfolded at the exact same time -  have made this a far more poignant photo - at least for me.

Take it as you will - as an add-on from last week, as a way to wrestle with the tragedy in Boston, or as a way to offer up hope on the same. Say it in poetry or in prose. It's your call.

I'm truly curious: Where does this field of chairs take you?

One additional note: I am swamped just now with some work and family obligations which have negated my attempts to read everyone's ghost stories from last week. Please know that I will catch up --- I just need to fulfill my obligations first, and it will take me about a week or so. So please don't feel slighted if you haven't heard from me in a while -- it's not from lack of love for the wonderful talent my VisDare pals possess, I assure you! You guys rock my world (and that's the truth).

With that said....take the photo to heart, and fill it up. Please.

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