Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Visual Dare (With a Twist)

Hello Friends!! I am currently down to the wire with a couple paying jobs this week, not to mention trying to catch up on some desperately needed sleep. (Four hours a night will only get you so far. Just so you know.)

Hence, this means that this week's Visual Dare is a rather unorthodox one.

No - no hiatus. Seriously. But a little different. I think you'll like this, so hear me out.

Fact: There's not a "new" dare posted this week. Yes, I know it doesn't take a lot of effort to post one photo. But it does take a LOT of time to give the proper attention to each entry submitted. I fell a bit behind on that this past week, and I don't like doing that to my participants.

Your entries matter to me. YOU matter to me.

With my multiple jobs, I've GOT to make the remaining days of October work for me, especially if I want even the faintest chance of doing NaNoWriMo this year. This means limited time at the computer. More so than usual.

Result: My "usual" approach to Visual Dares will return in November to coincide with NaNoWriMo. Moreover, they will have a special anniversary twist, since it was NaNo of last year during which I first debuted the Visual Dare.

What are you going to do until November 7th, you ask? So glad you asked!!!!

If you'd like a look at the sort of thing to expect, you can whet your appetite with last year's challenges. Try out the original Visual Dares....

     - HERE -

                              - HERE -

                                                      - OR HERE -

OR you can check out the official VisDare archives.

Just for fun, I've added the usual InLinkz widget below, so people can easily visit each other's entries.
This widget will be open for two weeks.

Don't forget to post the photo and name of the challenge you decided to use
when you post your entry to your blog!!

I obviously can't promise to respond to each one. But I will visit them all.
It just won't be in the next two weeks. I hope you understand.


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