Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Endeavors

Today begins a whole new phase of life for me, marked by taking to a medium I swore I would never touch: blogging. For an old-school gal who still journals in hardbound notebooks with pen or pencil, who makes her students learn to diagram sentences and give speeches from note cards, who insists her history students read source documents instead of "books about books" - I, even I, have embarked upon the blogging quest. Crazy? You have no idea.

How frequently will I post? I make no promises. But I will tell you this: Literature, and my desire to be published, are entirely at the root of this little endeavor.

I have been writing since I learned how to read. I have been journaling since the summer following second grade. I have more papers and books than any other belongings in my house. I love folk tales, fairy tales, myths, legends, biographies, travel writing, and old people who really know how to spin a good yarn.

I just love stories. Period.

I hope to one day stand among the ranks of established storytellers who happen to have their work in print. My intent is to make it happen in the tangible future, though goodness knows how long that will take. But after twenty-five years of literary dreaming, I am finally going out on a limb. This coming spring I will take that proverbial leap into the publishing world by floating query letters regarding my current manuscript. THAT is what this blog will be about: writing, reading, manuscripts, and anything else that inspires me to keep up the dream: music, anecdotes, books that grab me, fellow writers who try to strangle me because I do something stupid at a writer's meeting. You know. The usual.

That is where this blog is headed. (If I can avoid spilling hot chocolate all over the keyboard. Again.) Whether it is a short journey or a very long one, it begins here. Or at least my telling of it.

And that, perhaps, will be an interesting story. I hope.


  1. I'm so excited about this "new stage" of yours and I looked forward to seeing how it progresses over the next couple months... and years... ;)

  2. Thank you!! I hope it will be a long journey! :)