Monday, June 10, 2013

VisDare High-Fives :)

SO. I had to post a quickie update long enough to do a smidge of bragging, and a smidge of FYI.

Bragging #1: I finally had a couple hours to call my own tonight, and so I celebrated the beginning of my (short lived) summer freedom by scheduling VisDare photographs through the end of OCTOBER. That's right. All I have to do each week is add the linky tool (can't do those too far in advance -- apparently that's when I screw things up), and voila! Instant VisDare awesomeness.

Know what this means? Yes. It means I have the next four months to cull together photos of awesomeness for the next round of Triple VisDares that happen every November during NaNoWriMo. So consider yourself warned. :)

Bragging #2: I am completely amazed, from week to week, at the quality and the variety of the VisDares --- and I'm finding new VisDare writers each week. Below is a list of some of the awesome VisDare people you should check into if you're on Twitter --- they are all awesome tweeps, each and every one.

NOTE: If you are Twitter and I do not have you listed here - PLEASE LET ME KNOW in the comments below. Same thing if you'd rather I take you off the list. If you're a VisDare regular and you're NOT on Twitter - your shout-out is in just a sec. Promise.

My intent is not to hurt feelings, but to give full props to the people who make the VisDare postings worth it, week after week after week. (And actually, you will help me tremendously by helping me consolidate my roster of "writers to keep a pulse on" if you point out my errors. Because I don't want to overlook ANYONE.)

Here are my VisDare Ninjas who are on Twitter (according to my current spreadsheet, but of course subject to updates):



Other VisDare regulars, just as fabulous, but either don't have a Twitter (or I haven't spotted in Twitterland yet):

Sharry          Sania           JazzBumpa          ZookyWorld          Randa          HA

And now for the FYI smidge: Don't forget to comment on other people's posts! Pay forward what others have done for you --- give feedback! A quick line - one sentence - means a lot to a burgeoning writer who is trying their wings in the "Oooo look they can see what I wrote!" world. I know that I am not the most prompt with my own responses, but as my regulars can tell you --- they all are read, and I comment on every one, eventually. (Even if I get a week or two behind.)

So there you are ---- a big HIGH FIVE to all my #amwriting tweeps, whether you blog, tweet, write by moonlight, or drop your VisDare entries in the comments. You guys ROCK MY WORLD.

And that is why I keep posting VisDares.

See you for the next VisDare challenge in.....24 hours! (Midnight EST)

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