Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday 7: Shape-Shifting

Sunday is when I showcase my own little spin on the "Six Sentence Sunday" challenge that has gained such popularity on the web. I've got my own reasons for not participating on the official blog, so I'm posting seven sentences from my current, newly merged-and-trimmed manuscript, renamed Taproot.

Here are today's sentences:

            If Ahmik had not already trained his good eye on the spot where the bird landed, he might not have seen it at all – though he did not see much to begin with. Yet something was happening – a curious bending and twisting, a stretching upward and outward, so that what had been a transparent bird-shape a moment earlier now looked very different. How different, he did not know. But something else now stood there, that had been something quite different a moment before.
            “Brenna? What do you see?” he hissed.
            “Curious. You can’t see me at all – can you?” said a new voice. 

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  1. I love your writing Angela, it draws you in and leaves you wanting more!