Monday, September 3, 2012

Welsan 15: Two Weeks Overdue

Here is another episode in Welsan's Story, courtesy of another Write For Ten prompt.
Today's prompt is the word: appetite.

This episode follows on from the last one, episode 14.

Gallows would keep very no-nonsense steins in his covert tavern/workshop. Of course.

Jada sipped absently at her Black Taggart, her mind scrambling to piece together all the floating bits of information. There were too many questions and not enough answers, she decided. I’ll have to delay my death a little longer, she realized with an inward sigh. Can’t die until I know my family is safe. Somehow, amid all the questions and disruptions of the past two days, her death seemed to jeopardize her family more than her life originally had. How had it come to this?
A dull ringing began in her ears, and her stomach clenched. With slow recognition, Jada discovered she was incredibly light-headed. The room swam in front of her, a kaleidoscope of noise and smells that made her stomach churn.
Later she realized that she must have visibly paled, for when Gallows turned to her next he gave a start, and got to his feet.
“How stupid of me,” he said. “I’m babbling about soul-glasses and you’ve both come from who-knows-how-far. We’ll visit my workshop later. First you eat.”
“Not me,” Jada squeaked. Her tankard seemed unbearably heavy all of a sudden, so that she dropped it onto the table with a bang. Her hands shook. Her heart felt as though it were hammering through her chest.
“Soup for her, if you don’t mind – and maybe a place to lie down.” Welsan’s voice echoed through her mind. If her head hadn’t felt so woolly, Jada would have thought he sounded…concerned.
That can’t be right. He’s here to oversee my death, not save my life.
She tried to open her mouth to argue, to say that she wasn’t hungry and not to bother; but the room hitched around her so violently she closed it again. A roiling surge of nausea threatened to overwhelm her.
“She’s two days past her Departure Day.” Welsan’s voice was even more echo-y now, and distant, as from deep within a tunnel. “If she prepared properly for her Departure, then she hasn’t had anything but liquids in almost two weeks.”
Gallows made some exclamation, but Jada never heard the exact words. Her last conscious thought was of coarse hands catching her as she toppled over, before all motion and sound dissolved into blackness.

* * * * *

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