Wednesday, July 4, 2012

VisDare is MISSING

APOLOGIES: After posting Visual Dare #12 (Parked Outside), I realized there were several odd issues going on with the page - most notably, the fact that no one could use the link tool, and the page layout was all messed up.

 So I tried to fix the problem. And.....I goofed. Somehow I managed to erase the page.

 My full apologies for this. I'm not sure what internet fairy is angry with me, but I will take counsel as soon as possible to figure out what I did wrong. Even so, I'm not sure the mistake is entirely mine. I'm missing half my buttons in the edit page that allows me to post photos, links, quotes etc. Something's definitely up.

 In the meantime....if you'll give me till sometime later tonight or early tomorrow, I should have VisDare #12 back up and running.

 *scampers off to find the internet fairy oracle to figure out what's wrong*

UPDATE: Thanks to Donna McNicol for suggesting a simple fix. Everything's looking normal again. Visual Dare should return tonight!!


  1. Try emptying your browser cache, close the browser and re-open. That can usually clear up a lot of issues.

    Also, be sure your browser is up to date. Things are moving too rapidly nowadays to not keep up.

    1. I know my browser is up to date, so I tried clearing the browser cache. Seems to have corrected the problem. THANKS.

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