Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plugs, Progress, and a Question

It's spring break for me, and this means that I am finally coming up for oxygen. Expect more activity on this blog in the near future.

Even though the posts have been fairly anemic lately, blog silence does NOT mean that things have not been productive in Angela-Land. Not by a long shot.

Here's the skinny on what's going on at the moment:

The Plug: First of all, I have to make sure you all know about the fabulous Fairy Queen herself, Anna Meade, and her splenderific Once Upon a Time writing contest that she is hosting with the equally admirable (and no less magical) S J I Holliday.

Why is their writing contest so amazing?

     1. It's about fairy tales.

     2. It's international.

     3. They have their own TRAILER on YouTube. Check it out:

The Progress: That 246K word baby walrus that I talked about last week? 25K words off the top, baby. A chapter edit a day so far, and the pounds keep dropping. Am I stoked? Yes I am.
    I've also tweaked the site a bit, with pages devoted to the Five Sentence Fiction and Flash Fiction that I've written for various blogs since the beginning of the year. Check out those pages, and look for new entries as the year goes on.

The Question: I am long overdue on giving you guys another installment of Agent Tweets. What topic would you like to hear about next: (a) author's vision vs agent's vision for a book; (b) problems with finding a character's "voice"; or (c) editing tips in general? (There are a ton more topics, but those are the ones most prominent on my mind right now, what with all this editing I'm doing.)

Got an idea for the writing contest?
Have a vote for the Agent Tweets?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm interested in choice B... problems with finding a character's voice. :)

    I love that you call your manuscript a baby walrus. That made me laugh. X)