Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Oh, how I wish we could have picked more than five. Do you know how unbelievably difficult it was to choose finalists from such an amazing line-up of entries for our Blog Hop Contest?

Of course you don't. Unless you took the time to read all of the entries, in which case...of course you do!

So many fantabulous writers, so few prizes.....

But we DO have five amazing finalists -- at last!!! Here is the full roster, with their magnificent prizes:

1st PLACE:  Ruth Long ~ "Between the Lines" ~ 50 pg edit from Lillie McFerrin

2nd PLACE:  Donna McNicol ~ "Forest Flowers" ~ 25 pg edit from Angie Richmond

3rd PLACE: Jo Ann Teal ~ "Out of the Dark" ~ 15 pg edit from ME!!!!!!!!

4th PLACE:  Brewed Bohemian ~ "A Beautiful Place to Die" ~ 10 pg edit from Daniel Swensen

5th PLACE:  Gwen Tolios ~ "Extinguishing Souls" ~ a copy of Stephen King's On Writing

Aren't you splendiferously proud of all these writers? You should be! Drop by their blogs and tell them so! 
Follow them on Twitter! And then join their blogs. And read their contest entries. 
And encourage them to write MORE.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Congratulations to all our winners!
Thanks also to Lillie, Angie and Daniel for hosting the blog hop and making all this possible.


  1. Congratulations, blog hop winners! Yaaaaay!

  2. Oh my!! All I have prepared is a Downton Abbey hat speech (!) so I'll keep it brief: Thank you and congratulations everyone!! :)

  3. THANK YOU to all of you who hosted this blog hop - it was my first one and now that I know how much fun it is, I'm hoping you'll do it again soon. Well, that is, as soon as the Magic Eight Ball recovers!! *hugs*

    1. Anna Meade is currently hosting a writing contest on her blog, and I hope to do one here once I reach an auspicious milestone - 100 blog followers here, most likely. Congrats on first place! You deserve it!!

  4. Thanks so much to all who hosted this and picking such a fantastic prompt. I'm speechless with surprise.

    1. It was a magnificent entry!! My only complaint is that we made you stop at 300 words ---- I wanted to read more!