Saturday, January 14, 2012

You Must Use the Force!

More weekend silliness!

This is a song by the zany group known as Moosebutter, but the video itself was arranged by Corey Vidal (the adorably geeky squirt pretending to be four people at once throughout the video). Video courtesy of YouTube, as usual.

Also: It's a pretty darn awesome tribute to John Williams. Just sayin'.

Doesn't this make your inner Star Wars geek happy?

If it doesn't, you need a dance with Ewoks. Or a chess game with a Wookie. Or something.

(PS - If you want to see Moosebutter in the original video - upon which this one was based - 
you can go here. But honestly, I prefer this version.)


  1. That's amazing! And it looks like so much fun :3

  2. That was completely awesome. And John Williams *is* the man.

  3. Is it sad that I can definitely sing this entire song? Cuz... I can... X)

  4. Ha! No, it means you're insanely brilliant with exceptionally good taste. Besides, er...I think you're the one who introduced this vid to me? Heh. :)

  5. Kiss your brother, kiss your brother! Who's your daddy? Pretty funny!