Saturday, January 7, 2012

Two Oddments

Oddment #1

OK - so this weekend link isn't quite as silly as most I put up here. But I do wish I had known about it last weekend, to post it in honor of New Year's Eve. Despite my belated discovery of it (thanks to the Fly Casual blog!), I decided to go ahead and post it anyway.

Also, I had NO IDEA that Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt could sing like this. Just sayin'.


Link courtesy of YouTube.

Oddment #2:  

On last night I read a lovely compilation of writing advice from the literary greats. It's a great post - you should totally check it out. Embedded therein, however, was another gem which I could not resist posting here (full credit goes to brainpickings, of course):

This should be a word of encouragement to all writers out there - no matter who you are.

Write on!!!


  1. Wasn't she in that movie Elf? I think so sang in that.

    Great find on you part!!

  2. Hey, you stole my comment ;-) She was indeed in Elf.

  3. Have you watched her in New Girl? It's a really cute show. I love Charlotte Bronte! Awesome post :)

  4. Can you believe I've never seen Elf? Haven't seen New Girl, either. I'm ssooooo behind on my movies.

    Current rereading Jane Eyre and am falling in love with Bronte's work all over again. :)