Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snowed Under!

Okay - so I'm not managing economic bills or labor troubles (thankfully), but I am rather snowed under with papers that must be graded in time for grade reports to go out which matter of hours?

Burning the midnight oil indeed.

Real update tomorrow. In the meantime - THANK YOU to everyone who left feedback on yesterday's post about my upcoming series on Agent Tweets. (And take a look if you missed it!)

Also: My favorite webcomic Kukuburi has been updating semiregularly lately, including another magnificent (and intriguing!) page yesterday. Check it out.

Also also wik: Sirra put up a nice compilation of most commonly misused words and phrases. She's an editor, so she should know. Be sure to check out that list as well.

All right then - back to grading exams and research papers! Later, taters!!

~ Angela

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