Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kukuburi Love

Time to pimp one of my favorite webcomics.

I used to be a webcomic junkie; but time constraints and a difference in preference as various comics went off on new tangents led me to narrow the field just a little bit. There are a couple I check in on a couple times a year, but only a very VERY few that I follow diligently each week. As in, I can count them all on one hand and still have fingers left over.

Today I present you with one of those exceptions.

Kukuburi is the imaginative progeny of the magnificently creative Ramon Perez. His fabulously crafted tale revolves around Nadia, an independent gal with a tragic past and a quirky-going-nowhere present-day life.

Of course, her life doesn't remain in limbo for very long. When she walks through the wrong gate with the wrong box (or the right gate with the right box, depending on your perspective) she finds herself in an intricate, inside-out, sunny-side-down alternate reality that makes Alice's Wonderland look like another cubicle in The Office. Nadia's subsequent journey throws her headlong into a calamitous war like no other, where sting rays, snails, and flying whales are just as likely to be your nemesis (or ally) as a talking iguana or a scheming skeleton.

If you're looking for spoilers on the plot - I can't give you any; leastways not yet. This is because Ramon is such a meticulous storyteller that he has crafted the tale along very specific lines, drizzling pertinent facts in odd places, so that the whole thing plays out as a sort of living Rubik's Cube. This means that, at 175 pages (so far), readers are only now coming to the cusp of long-promised answers to some of Nadia's most pressing questions.

If you haven't discovered Kukuburi yet, I heartily recommend you go back to the beginning and work your way forward through the whole fantastic tale.

Note on updates: Because Ramon is such a wonderfully talented individual, there are times where he must hit the pause button on Kukuburi so he can keep his day job in order, so to speak. But he always communicates with his readers, and he always comes back. He's made no bones about his love for Nadia and her compatriots, and his commitment to finishing her story; and after following his comic for over two years, I can honestly say he always makes good on his promises.

Updates are currently happening in a somewhat regular fashion - about twice a week. But whether he updates twice a week or just once, you'll want to stay tuned.

Trust me on this one.

What are your favorite webcomics?

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