Thursday, June 21, 2012

Surprise Badges & Fairy Godmothers

So...I've been off the internet radar for most of the past week. Some of that is due to being out of town a couple days for Father's Day. The last few days, however, I've been leading a week-long art camp on upcycled fashion. It's been fun - but tiring, which means I've been crashing early every day this week. Almost as soon as I get home, in fact.

And then, in the middle of all my fantastically busy, artistic, non-writing week, I received a flock of tweets pointing me toward a most WONDERFUL surprise.

You see, I apparently have a fairy godmother in the online writing world. And she is supremely awesome. For proof, I submit the following evidence:

Isn't it wonderful?!?? A website banner of my very own, magicked into existence by the blogging Fairy Godmother herself, Donna McNicol. In honor of the Visual Dare flash fiction posted here every week, Donna made this lovely badge for the Anonymous Legacy blog.

If you don't already, I strongly recommend that you follow Donna on Twitter (@DonnaBMcNicol), and her site Write for Ten,  which is a great challenge to write every day, even if it's only for 10 minutes. Her site has a nifty cool banner as well, and you would all do well to link through and follow it:

Of course, weekly writing challenges are NOT the limit of Donna's awesomeness. She's also a writer and author in her own right, with two forthcoming novels and several shorter works already available for Kindle or Nook. Her author website can be found here:  She also has a writing blog ( and a personal blog that spotlights her traveling adventures with her husband Stu (

And you know what? My amazing badge is not the limit of Donna's sweet fairy godmother ways. She's also made a banner for fledgling writer's website Sweet Banana Ink, and recently spotlighted it on her writing blog.

See what I mean? If anyone is a fairy godmother with a double scoop of awesome AND fairy dust - it's this lady.

When I joined the Twitter/blogging/online writing community in September 2011, I was totally unprepared for the wonderfully accepting, encouraging network of writers I would find. So much of the artistic world can be cutthroat and divisive, but I have found the online writing community to be anything but. Thanks to wonderfully creative, writer-ly souls like Donna, my journey down the path toward Authorship has been full of encouragement, thoughtful questions, running jokes, and lovely surprises.

Thank you, Donna, for my AL badge. And thank YOU, wonderful readers, for making Anonymous Legacy and the Visual Dare a banner-worthy endeavor!

I hope all of you have a fairy godmother, online or in real life. Do you?
What's the nicest thing a fellow writer has done for you?


  1. Donna IS awesome sauce and I'm so glad someone recognizes it. But you are pretty groovy yourself, lady! <3

  2. Shock and awe....thank you so much for all the kudos. I'm glad to help, I was hoping you wouldn't take offense at my creating a badge. Looks like it worked out well for both of us. I promise to take at least ONE of your visual dares in the next month. ;-)

    My writing fairy godmother right now is actually a godfather; Randy Lindsay []. Randy is my first critique partner and has really been challenged with my first drafts of my WIP. He's patient, encouraging and is definitely going to help me end up with a better product. Thank you, Randy!

    1. No, the badge is awesome! And Fairy Godfathers are even better - because they are equally awesome and far more overlooked (usually). So glad you've got such a great critique partner. Everyone needs one!