Sunday, March 25, 2012

6SS: Gair's Peculiar Gift

Our next installment for Six Sentence Sunday, from my fantasy work-in-progress 
concerning dwarfish mayhem, currently entitled Karst. In this excerpt, 
Gair shows another side of him that (eventually) proves both a blessing and a curse:

             Rough hands shook him, breaking his concentration.

            “Crazy lump-stone has fallen asleep,” muttered a nearby voice. 
Though muted, there was no mistaking the metallic note in it.
            If those words had been uttered by anyone other than Eitri, Gair might have shrugged it off. He was enamored with what he had just discovered – that by shoving away sounds near to him he could hear what happened far away – he did not know quite how far. Possibly very far. 

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