Sunday, March 11, 2012

6SS: Bragi's Calculations

In keeping with my current seriesfor Six Sentence Sunday - another six sentences from my fantasy manuscript of dwarfish mayhem, currently entitled Karst. In this excerpt the dwarves in the Uplands,  coming out of their alternate shape and preparing for the next challenge:

By the time darkness fell, all the dwarves were in their proper shape and preparing for the hunt. They would, of course, hunt at night, when their cave-vision gave the best chance of seeing their prey, with or without hoods. Though Razivan miscalculated their timing in coming to the Uplands, he had been right about one thing: it was a new moon. No moon meant less light, and an easier time seeing during the hunt.
            “He was right about that only because he didn’t do the calculating,” Brenna muttered to Gair as she laid out the hunting-knives. “Bragi’s the only one with the charts and sense to predict what the moon is doing from five leagues beneath the ground.”

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  1. *happy sigh* I do miss those dwarves. :) Love the new blog template by the way!!!