Tuesday, December 3, 2013


All right, VisDare family. Here's the scoop:

I have just finished moving two houses, an art studio, and a storage container.
I am still up to my eyeballs in edits, class reviews, and semester exam prep.
Plus, you know, life and stuff. And the holidays are coming up.


The VisDare is NOT "going on hiatus." 

But it will be low key for the next few weeks ---- with a twist.

VisDare regulars may remember a challenge posted last January, where I COMPLETELY GOOFED UP on the link thingy. Somehow, I set the ending date for more than a year later: January 2014.

This means that the VisDare from last January is still live.

At the time of my blogging faux pas, my friend Jeff Hollar suggested that every VisDare regular should do an entry on this curious character every week until the link ran out. 

I thought - and still think - this is a fabulous idea: a rare time to take one VisDare and squeeze all the possibilities out of it - and have a grand time doing so.

SSOOOOOO……follow the link below.
Look at the photo.
Add a new entry.
Add multiple entries, if you like.
Add ons? Alternate versions?
All acceptable.
Then get your friends to add an entry.
Collaborate with others! Co-write something awesome.

Heck - you can even go over 150 words on this one. 
(I'm not counting. Not this time.)

The guy needs a STORY. I mean, a really REALLY good story.
He's been given over a year of "shelf life" so to speak, so we'll give him a legacy, ok?

 Or give him several.

That's the nature of fiction after all, right? One person, many lives, one grand adventure.

So here's the link to the Year-Long VisDare Challenge - live until January 16th!!

And the usual week-to-week VisDare challenge?

That returns on January 22nd.

(Pinky swear.)

Your devoted VisDare Cohort,


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