Wednesday, September 11, 2013

VisDare 37: Trajectory

OH GOOD GRIEF. I had this all ready to update at midnight, per my usual schedule....and I forgot to hit "PUBLISH."  D'oh.

All that, and a new blog format too. SO SORRY for the delay and for any inconvenience this may have caused my VisDare regulars!!!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled VisDare......

Where does this one take you?


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  1. Eeeeeek: non-blog submitting has changed!! Amanda


    Never before had he felt like this. Gone the sybaritic indulgences, the hedonistic pleasures of a playboy. Now he was a father.

    The love hurt, physically and emotionally.

    How could protect this baby son? How could he dictate the path his life would take?

    If only there was a sextant that mapped the path of a joyful journey, the quadrants of life set on a course of calm waters, with neither doldrums nor tempests. Or a chronometer that ticked away the hours in the knowledge of safety. No bad decisions, no unhappiness, no wasted opportunities, no mistakes, no selfish disregard for others.

    Impossible, of course. Nobody can dictate the longitude and latitude a life will take. Better to tell his son that when he walks through shadows he must stand tall. Sunshine will appear.

    The father smiled.

    The baby slept on, unaware that his father’s own compass had been reset.

  2. Yes, I'm sorry about the different comments format!! I am currently without a computer and should have it back midweek. Then I'll be able to tackle the problem of getting the Disqus back in the comments where it belongs. :)

    Also --- love the the map analogy, almost a nautical feel to weathering life's storms. So broad and terrifying, near and endearing. Well done!!!