Wednesday, March 20, 2013

VisDare 12: Waiting

As I schedule this week's VisDare, I am waiting for a lot of things.

Waiting for certain things in life to move on and leave me alone.

Waiting for other things to come.

Waiting on people,
                               the mail,
                                                                      promises to be fulfilled.

Everyone's waiting for something.

What are you - or your characters - waiting for?

Give it in 150 words and let me know!!

New to the VisDare? Rules below! 
(Don't worry - there ain't many.)  :-)


150 words - or less.
Post entry to your blog and "link in" using the link tool below.
No blog? Post your 150 words in the comments below.
(Please - no erotica or graphic violence.)
As always - thanks for participating!

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